Assigned Certification

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Building Compliance

What is an assigned certifier?

The Assigned Certifier is a registered professional appointed by a building owner to organize inspections and certify a building’s compliance with the Building Regulations. The role is precisely defined in law under the 2014 Building Control Amendment Regulations.

The nominated Assigned Certifier must be a registered professional (Chartered Engineer, Chartered Building Surveyor or Registered Architect) with relevant experience and competency in relation to complex construction projects.  The duties and responsibilities of the Assigned Certifier at each stage are detailed in the “Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Building and Works 2016”.

Tubridy Engineering is a Chartered Engineering practice and is authorized to act on your behalf as an assigned certifier.

Tubridy Engineering has the experience, qualifications, and Insurance in place to offer opinions on the existing structural condition of residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings.

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Tubridy Engineering specialises in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Fire Safety Certificates, Disability Access Certificates, Non Domestic BER’s and Compliance Reports